Hello Lower School Students and Parents~ Thanks for visiting my wikipage, please check back through the year for important information regarding your child's physical education class. My hope is to use this interface as means to connect the gym and what happens in PE class with your child's home and family life. Please feel free to contact me at anytime regarding my class or the contents of this wikipage at weilk@psmnow.com

General PE information

Weekly Grade
- Each day that your child attends PE class, they earn points for participation and demonstrate of skills that we are currently working on in class. They also earn points for being dressed out for PE class. Dressing out for class and earning the full points means that the student is wearing their PSM PE shirt and shorts, along with socks and tennis shoes that lace up. (Shoes that slip on the feet are not acceptable for PE class.) Attached you will find the form that I use each week to chart your child's progress in class. A brief explanation of how points are earned in located at the bottom of the document.

Body System weblinks and handoutsLearn about all the different body systems and how they work together to keep a person alive and well. Visit Kids Health and select a body system to learn more:http://kidshealth.org/kid/htbw/htbw_main_page.html
external image heart.jpgHEART
HEART - test your "heart knowledge", read articles and watch a video on the circulatory system

HEART - video on how the heart pumps blood through the body GAME - identify the parts of the heart

external image lungs.gifLUNGS
LUNGS - test your "lung" knowledge, read articles and watch a video on the respiratory system

external image bones.gifBONES
BONES - test your "bone" knowledge, readh articles and watch a video on how the lungs work

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Sports and Health Opportunities and Websites